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Airnet is leading in bringing innovations to customers with our focus on providing comprehensive and exceptional internet services.

The expansion of the company into an Internet Services that carried over the philosophy of “always on” connectivity to the provision of highly reliable Internet connectivity was a logical step forward. At present Airnet is a Top Tier Internet Provider and is one of a select group of Internet Provider to have been recognised by indivduals, operators & corporates.This means that the company is considered to be sufficiently excellent, both in terms of cutting edge technology and service/support provision to provide services above and beyond the norm in a reliable fashion. Airnet provides support to numerous operators and is acknowledged to be a technological leader in it’s field.

However, unlike the vast majority of our competitors Airnet delivers connectivity across the full range of spectra – wired & wireless. This means that we can design and support a solution that is customized to the specific needs of the client that we are dealing with, and we can provide that solution in a cost-effective manner with experienced support staff. Airnet is one of the very few Internet Providers that can honestly lay claim to being able to provide clients with an integrated, secure “ubiquitous” computing solution that will seamlessly integrate their entire operation.

Why Choose Us

A centralized NOC (Network Operation Center) equipped with multiple devices for optimum network to help with “A” class services at our head office in Versova.

Airnet is a preferred service provider to organizations that require extremely reliable and secure Internet connectivity for amongst other services; secure banking, real-time video surveillance, the provision of Virtual Private Networks to Corporate clients and ecologically friendly wireless networks for multiple purposes and other luxury community developments. Airnet is a national service provider which means that we can provide networks for clients that have branches that are geographically divergent.

The breadth of services across various platforms, combined with a highly skilled team of technicians has enabled Airnet to provide customized multi-spectrum solutions to our client base. These solutions have become an important ingredient in their product offering, providing them with a sustainable competitive advantage in their market segment. With hardly any above the line advertising, Airnet has achieved consistent growth via performance & word of mouth referrals.

Who we are

Airnet Cable and Datacomm Private Limited, located at Andheri (west) Mumbai was established in the year 2000. With a customer base of over 150000+ subscribers, we are a technology driven company aiming at empowering your business with seamless connectivity by providing you a wide range of broadband solutions like :

  • Internet Leased Line
  • Corporate Plan Services
  • Enterprise Business Solutions
  • Intercom Services
  • Connectivity Solutions for Residential and Corporates.

We currently possess an International Gateway from Bharti Airtel, TATA, Reliance, and peered traffic from leading CDN’s hosted in GPX Data Centre Andheri.

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